Find your Alchemy & Become the Fullest Expression of Yourself





If you’re yearning for an approach to spirituality that is UNIQUE to yourself and invite the WHOLE you, Soul Alchemy Private Mentorship Program is for you! 

It is a SUPER supportive experience that includes private session, Voxer support between live calls, and bonus access to my Essential Alchemy Membership for even more strategic + spiritual support and access to a sisterhood.

This experience is a perfect fit for women entrepreneurs or leaders who are craving to create more alignment & freedom in their time, energy, and finances. 


Indeed, you’ve shifted so much over the past few months, 2020 has definitely been a year of challenges and growth, of shadows and light. 


A year when you’ve been evolving and you’re feeling on the verge of a new beginning. By transforming our struggles into assets, we get our strength, our opportunity to grow. In your daily routine, you likely spend little time thinking about where you’ve been and what are your current blockages.


Even if you feel a need for change, you may find yourself repeating patterns from the past that limit your ability to grow. Or you may act on beliefs based in guilt, grief or anxiety. 


You may feel stuck or overwhelmed. Uncertain about how to move forward. Unable to envision another way of living and being.


And you may feel a subtle tugging at your soul. A yearning to discover your greater purpose. A desire for spiritual and creative awakening. That’s when you know it’s time to take action, to connect to your truth and to experience transformation.


In this journey, you’ve felt lonely and want to find someone to guide you in this journey to heal, awaken and grow in alignment with your soul.


Together we dive into a myriad of topics and modalities, we go into the subconscious, into the energy work,  into the connection with your cycle,  with your lineage, with the seasons, to name a few. 

The profound healing that comes from exploring all your  extraordinary and multifaceted self and getting you deeply connected to your truth. 

Your soul has its own cycles and seasons of doing & being, creating & incubating, exploring & resting, running & staying. 

I'm so excited to guide you back in connection with your own soul. 

What if I told you that instead of…

  • Spending time doing different trainings & watching webinars with a content that is not adapted to your own needs.

  • Being disconnected from your inner authentic self as you’re always pleasing others.

  • Feeling lonely and overwhelmed in your spiritual journey and confused where to start in your spiritual journey.

...You could

  • Start discovering and embodying your own wisdom by going deeply within you. 

  • Be in flow and enjoy each moment with full awareness as you know you are following your own path.
  • Feel guided on a soul searching journey with an approach adapter to your own transformation.



This means that you could have access to the EXACT guidance, content and support you desire for more abundance, clarity, purpose, freedom, creativity, embodiment, and expression in your life.


This is what's waiting for you in Soul Alchemy Program.


The problem is, you’re confused about how to find time for it in your super busy life or what an intentional life looks like for YOU.


I remember being in the same position not too long ago and today I’m fully embodying my soul purpose surrounded by amazing women in my community and have accessed a whole new level in my life, career and business.  


And that's the beauty of all this, you're not as far away as you think you are in achieving similar results.


Let's get you there instantly through my unique 7 Steps Method.

Curious to learn more about my Method?



I will be honest with you: despite having been grounded in mindfulness since an early age (started meditation at 5-years-old) and my strong spiritual connection (lineage of healers), I lost my way during my years going up the corporate ladder, in Strategy & Management Consulting until I burnt out.


I was exhausted as I forgot who I was and how to honor my divine feminine. I was always feeling I had no time to be my own priority and nurture my soul. 


It was over 7 years ago now (during my Saturn Return) and it was eye opening to me. 


What helped me recover from this burn out was reconnecting with my meditation practice and all the spiritual practices that I’ve experienced in my childhood in France, in my early twenties in India and Brazil. And now I am bringing these practices back into my life, embodying them and blending them daily


So trust me, I know that right now you may feel: 


>> Disconnected. You know you have an intuition (your sixth sense) but you don't fully trust it or understand it.

>> Time poor. You are running around like a busy bee pleasing other people's needs and you are exhausted.

>> Stuck. You've hit a plateau in your business, your side hustle, your career, your finances, and your lifestyle and just can't seem to get ahead.

>> Unintentional. Every week and every day feels like it is out of your control. You work a lot during the week, try to forget during the weekend, and repeat the same pattern without sacred or intentionality embedded in your life.

>> Out of balance. You simply do not feel fulfilled in your heart and you keep pushing and doing more rather than being, surrendering and nourishing yourself.

>> Negative. When you look in the mirror, only negative self-talk comes to mind. You've lost your flow, your radiance and your vibrancy somewhere along the way and no meditation, massage or skin-cream is bringing it back.

>> Isolated. Although you love your friends and family, you are craving to be meet someone who has been on the same spiritual path, who gets it, with no judgement and no telling you to be less woo-woo.


I created this offering based on my own experience in finding my most authentic self, embracing different spiritual approaches to find my own groove and connecting everyday with my soul. 


In here, you'll be in the energy and frequency of a mentor that fully connect with her soul along with an authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach and impressive business savvy and strategic background.

Pretty unique, isn’t it?


Hi, I'm Laetitia

I'm a 'Soul Doula' and Holistic Business & Leadership Coach. I hold a private sacred container for YOU to awaken your power for personal growth, creativity and self-healing in all areas of your life. 


In the process you heal and {re}align with your Soul Purpose, it's what I call Soul Alchemy.


I created Soul Alchemy because I know how it feels to be disconnected from your soul and forgetting to make your spiritual practice a priority in your busy day. 


After 30 years of searching and deepening my spiritual practice through my experiences and with mentors and spiritual guides in France, India, Brazil or Australia, I can now say that I found and embody my soul purpose.  


I want to make ancient spiritual wisdom accessible for busy modern-day women who may feel lost as I did. My mission is to bring a sense of the sacred, purpose and intentionality into your everyday life by making sure it is in alignment with YOU.


What happens inside the Soul Alchemy?

here are a few topics we cover...


☾​ Expand time and become your own priority again.


☾ Connect with your soul and purpose.


☾ Sync with your Feminine cycles of productivity & creation.


☾ Access your deep feminine intuition to answer any questions that arise.


☾ Embrace daily sacred and intentional rituals of a balanced and thriving soul-led entrepreneur or intentional leader.


☾ Carve your own spiritual path after experimenting different approaches to welcome ease, flow, grace, abundance and joy daily.


☾ Learn and apply the Goddess Method, a UNIQUE 7 steps: a method that brings together in each step Ancient Wisdom, Ayurveda, Chakras, Essential Oils, Goddess Archetype, Meditation, Dance, Chanting, embrace your divine feminine wisdom


It's time to be part of the program you've been longing for. 


So if you’re ready to do this and be connected with your higher self and soul hit the APPLY NOW button right now



Our journey includes:

enrolling now for May 2021




3 months


  • 1 x 90-min 'essentialism' session to uncover your essential and what you truly want to explore

  • 4 x 50-min private sessions to work closely together on what you need to heal, awaken or grow on the moment and remove any blockages you may be facing.
  • Action plan on Trello to help you stay focused on the essential action steps to take in-between sessions.


  • Tailored worksheets, meditations, journal prompts and other tools designed specifically with you in mind.

  • Dedicated voice message (via Voxer) support for 3 months to keep you accountable and celebrate your progress.


  • My ears, eyes and heart on you and your business - I’m fully present to provide guidance on what you’re doing & being.



6 months


  • 1 x 90-min 'essentialism' session to uncover your essential and what you truly want to explore

  • 9 x 50-min private sessions to work closely together on what you need to heal, awaken or grow on the moment and remove any blockages you may be facing.
  • Action plan on Trello to help you stay focused on the essential action steps to take in-between sessions.


  • Tailored worksheets, meditations, journal prompts and other tools designed specifically with you in mind.

  • Dedicated voice message (via Voxer) support for 6 months to keep you accountable and celebrate your progress.


  • My ears, eyes and heart on you and your business - I’m fully present to provide guidance on what you’re doing & being.



Bonus for you

  • Free access to Essential Alchemy, my membership to help you connect with like-minded women + access live training

  • 1 x self care session with another healer (reiki, spiritual meditation, Tarot or Human Design reading)



Who is SOUL ALCHEMY for?

It is right for you if:

  • You want to implement sacred rituals and spiritual practices consistently in your life.

  • You want to feel replenished and nurtured by eliminating what no longer serves you.

  • You want to connect with all your unique gifts

  • You long for a form of personal development that’s fun and engaging, without the rigidity of typical coaches.  

  • You are trying to find your Dharma (life purpose), your most authentic-self but are struggling without support and direction.  

  • You have so many questions about spiritual practices and nowhere or no one to turn to.    

  • You’ve sucked up all the free content out there but want something more personalised to help you reach the next level of your life.

  • You are ready to experiment a wide range of spiritual practices to choose your own path with joy.

  • You want a more personalised support and be held accountable in your transformational journey.

  • You’re ready to explore a new side of yourself and want to release limiting beliefs, ready to create empowering ones.

  • You’re a soul led entrepreneur or an intentional leader and want to be supported by someone who understands your work.  

If you’ve mentally ticked any one of the above statements, then I would love to have you inside of the Soul Alchemy. 


We’re going to dance, sing, drum, ritual, meditate, journal, dream and so much more.  But most importantly, I'm going to support you on the path to find your truth and spark your own light. 





Phenomenal experience to re-connect with my core, with my values, with sisters and shift my energy. I have nothing but upmost respect and gratitude for the experience I had with Laetitia.

Yashica Lind


I went from being not aligned to learn how to follow the flow and not be resistant to what is coming.

Today I feel fulfilled and excited for everyday that is coming because I am myself and I learned how to listen to me and my body. Laetitia is the most generous and kind coach that I met. She is an extraordinary guide that leads from the heart. She has a beautiful and powerful energy. ​ If you're thinking of working with Laetitia, listen to your heart and ask yourself:

are you ready to transform your life?

Lily Dubois, Sovereign Studio Manager

Laetitia’s coaching approach in her program is insightful, interactive and highly effective. She has been a fantastic resource to draw upon both in terms of professional and personal development. She provided me with a clearer insight and practical suggestions.


She has encouraged me to take ownership for my development. Her genuine warmth, ability to listen and desire to help is very impressive. She took the time to offer care and support and to check in with me continually throughout the program. I would not hesitate to recommend Laetitia to anyone seeking professional and dedicated holistic coaching.


Project Manager

Laetitia is coaching me in a perfect combination of using scientific knowledge & management experience with a holistic approach of spirituality.


After working with her, she made things happen and changed my life for the better. Her way of coaching is well organised and she has always an ear for me also besides the coaching hours. You feel being accompanied through your journey not only to a successful business but also to make life decisions based on your passion, and that with the aim that your future work will make you happy.


I love starting my session with a calming exercise to dive deeply.


Yoga Teacher

I have been impressed by Laetitia's very unique and genuine expertise reconciling rationality and spirituality to guide me throughout my professional and personal life roles.


She's been a very caring and listening person, adapting her approach and many resources to my circumstances and personality. She always bring me clarity of thoughts to simplify complex challenges and guide me to make life changing decisions.


After a session with Laetitia, I feel empowered to reach new frontiers!


Strategy Consultant

Laetitia has been inspiring and guiding me for some time now and I really have seen such a beautiful shift! Through adding rituals into my day (mainly new spiritual and intentional ones) I have found more time in my week, I've felt way less stress and believe it or not, more has come to me (without chasing it). Gosh, the shift has been incredible! Everyone needs this/Laetitia in their life!


Founder The Content Queen

Laetitia has been a wonderful source of energy and helped me to connect with my spiritual side. 
She has guided me to bring more mindfulness back into my life and also has been a great accountability partner to help me stick to my new rituals.

I enjoy working with Laetitia for her nurturing soul and gentle support whenever I needed it the most.


Lead Like You

It was a great blend of reflecting on what can I learn from what has just been, to setting powerful personal intentions, honouring the moon, the earth and connecting to a community who collectively raise the vibration.


Great for anyone in corporate or in entrepreneurship who is looking to go that bit deeper in reflection and setting of intentions.


Pursuit Consulting

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